First Steps to using SendGrid in Exabytes

To use your domain using the Sendgrid service. You must change some DNS records which Sendgrid needs for "Domain Authentication".

What is Domain Authentication?

Domain Authentication,

 previously known as a domain whitelabel, indicates to the email provider that SendGrid has your permission to send emails on your behalf. To grant SendGrid permission, you must point DNS records from your DNS provider to SendGrid.

Your recipients will no longer see the "via" message in your emails.

While this is a small change from your recipient's point of view, it has a huge positive impact on your reputation as a sender and the deliverability of your emails. Email service providers don't trust messages that don't have domain authentication settings because they can't be sure that the message came from you. Stating explicitly that it came from you improves your reputation with email service providers which makes it much less likely that they will filter your email and not allow it into your recipient's inbox, which improves your deliverability. You are also explicitly showing the recipient that this email is from you, so they are less likely to mark your email as spam.

So there are several DNS records that must be created such as :




Here are the steps for setup Domain Authentication

  • Login to Sendgrid UI (For login information we have sent via Email - Welcome Email, if you do not receive it, please check in the Junk section and if you do not receive it, please contact our support ( )
  • On the right --> Settings --> Sender Authentication

  • After clicking "Authenticate Your Domain", if your domain is on NameServers other than those in the list, please select DNS, i'm not sure

  • Masukkan nama domain anda

  • Click Next
  • Then Add DNS records as provided by Sendgrid so that Domain Authentication runs properly:

  • After you add DNS records as above, please click "Verify", before that you can check whether the DNS propagation is complete or not, you can check via this link (wait a few moments after the DNS propagation is complete)

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