Got an abuse report, what should I check?

Finding an abuse report, means there are indications of abuse on your server. Therefore, there are several things that must be considered:

  • Make sure your FTP, SSH, database, whatever password is CHANGED by using a complex password.
  • Password complexes consist of numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols with a minimum of 12 characters.
  • If using Linux, make sure the package is always up to date.
  • If using Windows, make sure windows updates are always up to date.

For Linux users, use the ps aux command in SSH to check the entire process of your server. There is most likely one or more than one process that is suspicious and the root of abuse on your server.

Then use lsof -p <PID> to see the sub process tracing on the server.

If you find a suspicious process, you can kill it.

For Windows users, please trace using the task manager if a strange and highly suspicious process is found. Suspend the process to freeze the process. If you have additional antimalware or antivirus, it's a good idea to use it.

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