How to Disable Login Challenge and 2FA Options on Google Workspace

Here's How to Disable Login Challenge and 2FA Options on Google Workspace:

  1. Login to Google Workspace Admin via the link. Make sure we can login to the admin without any 2FA filtering or Login challenge.
  2. Then allow the following options so that each user account can turn on the Less Secure App

    Security > Access and Data Control > Less Secure Apps > Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps.

  3. Then go to Directory > Users > select the first user > click the Security section
  4. After that, Turn Off the following 2 options:
 - 2 Step Verification: OFF
 - Login Challenge: Turn OFF for 10 mins

        5. Do Step number 3 and 4 in all existing email accounts. So all accounts that will be migrated must have 2 Step

            verification and Login challenge disabled..

       6. Then log in to each email user that will be migrated via the link Then go to the Security               menu > Less secure app > Turn On Do step number 6 in all email accounts that you want to migrate so we have to

            log in one by one and do step number 6.

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