Post VestaCP Install Can't Login SSH

The error that often occurs is when you have installed VestaCP, then you cannot log in to SSH with port 8288.

This is actually normal, because after the VestaCP process is complete, the server firewall rules and fail2ban features are immediately activated. Previously, the SSH port on the server did not use port 22, but a custom port. The custom port has not been registered with the VestaCP firewall. Therefore, we must add SSH custom port 8288 to the VestaCP firewall first.

Login to VestaCP using https:// -ip-address- :8083/

Enter the admin username and password that you have setup earlier.

If you really forgot the password of the admin user, then another option is to console using VNC to your VPS. Then login as root via VNC which can be accessed from the Client Area. Then reset the admin user password with the command :
v-change-user-password admin new_password

After entering the VestaCP Dashboard, then go to the Firewall menu then add a new entry for the firewall:

  • Add rule
  • Action ACCEPT
  • Protocol TCP
  • Port 8288 or other custom SSH port
  • IP Address

Then Add.

Congratulations! You can now login using SSH again.

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