How to resolve 404 errors when redirecting domains to Blogspot

This time we will discuss how to solve Error 404 when pointing a domain to Blogspot, for error 404 is an error that actually occurs because your URL or link for the page you are aiming for, but is not found on the server side, such as the following example:

mengatasi error 404


Usually the 404 error problem only occurs for access to for example only, while for access to the results will be different.

This problem is caused because the root domain on blogspot is originally without using www, so if you use www, it will automatically be directed to the root or which does not have a display on blogspot.

How to resolve error 404

1. Go to your Blogger home page, go to "Settings > Basic".

mengatasi error 404

Masuk ke Setting

2. Click "edit" inside publishing on the bottom right.

mengatasi error 404

Edit di halaman publikasi

3. Pilih "Redirect ke".

mengatasi error 404

Centang dialihkan nama domain

4. Then click save.

Make sure first that the domain you are referring to already exists so that after being forwarded, Error 404 no longer appears as before.

Good luck and thank you.

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