Creating a Database in cPanel

Creating a database in cPanel is very easy, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

1. Make sure you are logged into cPanel now.

2. Then click the MySQL Database menu.

3. Create a new database. Customize the name according to your needs or desires. Then click Create Database.

4. Then click Go Back to return to the database creation interface.

5. Now create the user database. To do this, scroll down to MySQL Users. Create a username and password that suits your needs. Use long passwords that are difficult to guess. You can also use the Password Generator feature.

6. Make sure you have saved the database username and password. If so, click Create User.

7. Then click Go Back to return to the database menu.

8. The last thing now is to add the database user and the database. Scroll down until you find the Add User To Database section.

Then click Add.

That's it, the database has been created along with the users.

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