Cyber Protection Console

In the Cyber Protection console, you can manage workloads and plans, change protection settings, configure reports, or check backup storage.

The Cyber Protection console provides access to additional services or features, such as File Sync & Share or Antivirus and Antimalware protection, Patch management, Device control, and Vulnerability assessment. The type and number of these services and features vary according to your Cyber Protection license.

To check the dashboard with the most important information about your protection, go to Monitoring > Overview. .

The top row shows the current statistics:

  • Backed up today  – sum of recovery point sizes over the last 24 hours
  • Malware blocked - the current number of active alerts about blocked malware
  • URLs blocked   – current number of active alerts about blocked URLs
  • Existing vulnerabilities  – number of existing vulnerabilities
  • Patches ready to install  – number of patches currently available for installation

The bottom row shows the overall statistics:

  • Compressed size of all backups
  • Accumulated number of malware blocked across all machines
  • Accumulated number of blocked URLs across all machines
  • Accumulated number of vulnerabilities found on all machines
  • Accumulated number of updates/patches installed on all machines

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