How to Insall Quick Cart Easily in cPanel

Quick Cart is a free CMS, included in the Opensource CMS category with a cart system. This CMS is perfect for those of you who want to create a website with an e-commerce-style system. Installation is very easy and does not require professional skills.

  • Login to your control panel.
  • Specify the folder you want to upload.
  • Download the latest version of Quick.Cart via website official.
  • Upload the zip file into your control panel using the File Manager. Specify which folder you want to upload it to, then click the Upload button.

  • Then extract the zip, by right-clicking and then Extract.

  • Then access your website, congratulations Quick Cart CMS has now been successfully installed.

The next step is to login to the Quick Cart website Admin panel. To login to the website Admin panel, just add admin.php.

For example: your website name is websiteku.ok, means you login admin panel websiteku.ok/admin.php

Then enter the admin username and admin password as the default user and password. Make sure you change them after successfully logging in!

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