V2 Roster Guide

Hi Reseller,

Thank you for the account registration that your partner did to become our domain reseller partner (Daftarnama). Here we attach the Daftarnama V2 portal user guide.

Before becoming a Reseller, you must first register an account.

1. Open this address in your browser: https://dnama.id/register then press Enter.

2. Click the Login/Register Reseller button on the top right of the screen.

3. Fill in your data completely and correctly.

4. You are required to select the Reseller Type and complete the requirements to become a Reseller.

a Reseller.

  - Personal: Responsible ID card

  - Corporate: Responsible person's ID and TIN

Notes: We request a valid email address and cell phone number, as these two mediums

will be used for identification and communication.

1. Click Register to continue.

2. Select an available Reseller plan.

3. You will then receive information to make an initial deposit.

* Reseller account login information will be provided after the deposit is received.

Step 1: You must complete the data for your reseller account.

Step 2 : After the data is complete and sent, you must verify the reseller account that has been sent to the email you registered.

Step 3: If the account has been verified, please top up the deposit according to the package chosen, and you can enter your reseller account portal.

- To become a reseller, you can log in to the link dnama.id

- and click on the red box that we display.

- where on that page you must enter the reseller data. if the company can attach a business establishment letter.

here is the initial view of the reseller account if you have logged in as a reseller

- on this menu can be seen: total reseller and sub reseller transactions and total reseller and sub reseller domains.

- and in the red circle there is a support ticket feature

- Tickets are used if a reseller has a problem when making a transaction.

- In addition to our tickets, there are also live chat, email, and whatsapp services

- On the domain menu there are 6 buttons.

- This page is for ordering domains, both .ID and TLD domains

For the all domain menu you can see all the total domains you have.

1. Active domain.

2. Expired domain.

3. Domains that must document documents.

4. Domains that are deleted.

- This menu is to see the domain price that we have chosen according to the package provided by Daftarnama.

- Resellers make changes to domain prices to customers.

The menu above is for viewing domain history.

 One of the advantages of the V2 Name List function

The menu above displays your customer data.

1. You can view transactions from customers.

2. We can make price changes for customers

3. and the customer will also get a client area after you enter the data

This menu displays sub reseller data.

1. You can view transactions from sub resellers.

2. We can make price changes for resellers

3. Sub resellers will also get a client area after we input data.

4. on the pending top up menu when the sub reseller makes a top up deposit paid to the reseller account. to do approved

This billing menu consists of:

1. Top up: to top up, if the deposit in the reseller account will run out.

2. Billing History: to see if our top up deposit has been approved or not. and can see the monthly tax invoice.

One of the advantages of a roster over other rosters is that we have a white label for retailers so they can customize both the logo and the url.

In Listname you can integrate the system either through API or WHMCS

Auto Provisioning Active Feature: 

If selected, all domain registration processes will be executed immediately without attaching documents and without waiting for approval. If within 3 days of registration you do not complete the documents, your domain will be deleted with a refund.

If you want to add an admin sub account, you can go through this menu.

Resellers can log in to the data bank account used for customer and reseller sub-transactions.

In the menu above there are buttons:

1. Announcement: to find out info from the Name List.

2. Whois: as in general to find out the domain is available or taken.

3. Reports: can be downloaded in excel format for resellers and sub resellers.

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