Zilla Server File Application Blocked By ESET

In some cases, when we want to start Filezilla server but cannot because it is blocked by ESET. Therefore, it must be added to the ESET firewall first.

Open your ESET then go to the SETUP menu then to NETWORK. Then in the IDS section open the setup menu.

After that, in the Network Attack Protection section, select EDIT in IDS Rules.

In the Rules section, we add our new custom rules by clicking Add.

Then fill in the required parameters. In this case, for example, we will add a Zilla Server file.

  • Where in the Detection menu select  Any Detection.
  • Direction : Both
  • Application: Search for the File Zilla Server application on your server.
  • Remote IP address: Use so that all IPs can connect to your server. But if you only want a certain IP, write it down in the bottom column, separated by a comma. For example,,

Then in the Action section:

Then OK

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